Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nitty Gritty Details

After a month of serious consideration, I have decided to enable Ad-Sense (Look to the bottom right hand corner.) It simply means that I have given blogger the instruction to retain my blog even if I don't update the blog till blogger shuts down.

I also set the font style to the layout default. I desperately want to write my own template, but I'm too much of a diva to do that (also read as 'too lazy'). The blog looks a little compact but I'm not complaining (yet). I thought of reverting back to the 'minima' template that the blog had in its nascency, but it makes the pictures look overly blinding, while the content appears inexistent. So untill I find a new template or decide to write one myself, I will have to make do with this one.

On a different note, I resent people who think that 'pink girlie blogs with poetry' add unnecessary clutter to blogosphere; as opposed to 'non-girlie blogs with pictures of girls in them' that give blogosphere a run for its unicode!

I also resent blogs that have a lot of pictures and videos(and nothing else), as if with the intent of forcing Webshots and Youtube into bankruptcy.

I did a survey of blogosphere, only to find it crawling with divas like 'yours truly'. So, don't hate divas, get used to them!


John said...

Know what?? If you're looking to get some clicks from Adsense put it up above the fold, so that viewers can see that without scrolling down.

So now you've completed a Phd in Blogosphere.. :D What next??

El Diva! said...

ooohh thanks!