Friday, November 17, 2006

A New Season of Faith

I came home in the rain, mud dripping from the ends of my clothes and shoes. It's supposed to be winter, but it rains incessantly. My steps fumbled, a truck whizzed past nearly running me over. A lone stray dog tried to climb on me, and moved away dejectedly, as though loathing the unusual anti-social streak I seemed to have developed. I came home to my pet dogs, who fled at the sight of the dripping umbrella. I look at this blog and see the advertisements blending with the rest. I see the counter, the statistics and all the other senseless numbers (they have never made sense and they never will). Nothing has changed, but it still seems novel and fresh; then I realize, it's a new season of faith (not particularly different from the old ones but nonetheless, chronologically different).

ps: An attempt at the 'stream of consciousness' style of writing. Not an attempt to emulate Britney Spears' blog.


John said...

Britney 'Dumb' Spears has a blog?

El Diva! said...

sure does! it's called 'Stream of Consciousness'!