Friday, November 17, 2006

The Legacy of Narcissus

It is accepted (as a fallout of popular conception/misconception) that bloggers must be closet narcissists. To stare, almost amourously, at the screen and type on endlessly without purpose must take either an undying love for digital technology or simply narcissism.

Come to think of it, narcissism is probably an underrated offence(the kind that lands folks in hell if overly done). Not severe enough to make it to the elite clique of 'deadly sins' and yet not charming enough to qualify in the list of 'quirks'. Narcissism reminds me of the story of Narcissus and Echo. The poor Greek lad who didn't understand why he was pursued till he came upon his own reflection and became obsessed with it. He would speak to his own reflection and hapless Echo would repeat whatever he said. (I adore any kind of Greek tragedy. Firstly, because it is tragic and secondly because it comes from the Mediterranean.)

If bloggers are indeed closet narcissists, then anonymous bloggers are 'encrypted closet narcissists' given the single level of encryption offered by a psuedonym. It's fascinating how several bloggers (including Yours Truly) love to shred the 'narcissist' tag to pieces so they might escape being mistaken as narcissists.

In defence of Narcissus and his condemned legacy I will say this much; you can't expect creatures that are intrinsicly narcissistic to stop gawking at their reflections like delusional fools. Stop blaming Narcissus, his actions were grossly misinterpreted. Reflections can be confusing at times....

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John said...

:O It was just this morning I was looking at myself in the mirror after a shave, chating..'Wow! and then comes this post :S

Double Wow!!