Monday, November 06, 2006


A speculative article on the future of human evolution states that in the year 3000, the disparity among human beings can widen enough to cause them to evolve into two distinct sub-species - dwarves and giants. It makes one ponder over two things. First, for the sake of technical accuracy, the subtlety of evolution is such that visible changes don't appear in one millenium. Unless the process of such diversification began well in advance, and we were blisfully oblivious to it. Second, and speaking metaphysically in contradiction to the first statement, we are disparate enough already. Evolution would only make it seem acceptable.

The article wasn't sufficient enough to specify further instances of diversity. People who know the story of 'The Time Machine' by H.G Wells, will remember the clear line between the folk that lived like early man, and the folk that made machines and ate the 'early folk' for lunch.In all fairness,existence as we know it is no different. Disparity starts at birth, the moment two people set eyes on each other. Disparity propagates through every stage in a life cycle. Humans are said to possess the innate ability to classify in order to learn. Apart from the science of taxonomy, we humans can boast endlessly of our adeptness at classifying fellow humans as well. How else could people have come up with concepts like religion,race,nationality etc. so as to say conceitedly to the creator 'you created, we updated'. Perhaps creation is at the failing end of its patience, and has decided to yield to the insatiable need of every human being to belong to a different species.

The only thing stopping us from climbing the evolution ladder this millenium is our unavoidable sense of political correctness. Political correctness can make one shy away from possessing an opinion, lest the others feel offended. It crushes the kind of individuality required to evolve, almost drastically, into another organism. Perhaps, the year 3000 is too soon for such alteration, or maybe I'm just being naive. Yet, on the other hand, is a thousand years enough to break the shackles of political correctness? Or is it just enough to make humans big headed, three fingered freaks? Who knows! Evolution was and is still the biggest accident ever.

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