Wednesday, November 08, 2006

'Art' Where art Thou?

When I think about Italian art. I imagine Michealangelo, Da Vinci, Rapheal, the Rosettis, Picasso and most recently the latest instance of 'Toilet artwork'! Before the high brow reader starts to imagine a restroom with impeccable design laden with Italian artistry, I will proclaim that 'art' is dead!

Fortunately for the sake of journalistic integrity, sensationalism and attention seeking aren't. I presume the much debated piece of 'art' shown at the Bolzano Museum of Modern Art intended to prove my point. It features a toilet that flushes to the strains of the Italian national anthem! The hapless 'loo' now finds itself at the centre of a quasi-political patriotic storm. A lot of people don't get that kind of attention in a century of existence.

As far as the death of art is concerned, it isn't too late to give art a befitting funeral. If art embodies originality and creativity, I'm afraid the 'Toilet' can boast of neither. From the picture, it looks like any other specimen of it's kind, therefore I can only scoff at anyone who wants to suggest that it was a patented original. The Italian national anthem was composed eons before the 'artist' came up with this display, so nothing original there either. As for creativity; to flush to the national anthem is as creative as an average Joe singing in the restroom. It reminds me of other things that folks have done in the name of 'modern art'. There was someone who stashed a mob of dead cockroaches on a tray and called it 'art'. I would have gladly obliged the 'artist's ' sense of humour, its lack thereof etc. if she had cared to arrange the dead insects in a morbid pattern. I can safely assume that she neither created the tray nor the cockroaches. Given the present state of affairs, I'm almost tempted to put one of my pets in a basket and call my exhibit, 'Dog Lost in Parallel realm'.

As a poignant rememberance of the paradoxical nature of art(its futility and its ability to inspire) I will quote Wilde, "All art is quite useless". Touche!

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