Saturday, October 07, 2006


The diva is tied down, her hands behind her back. Her mouth is gagged so she may not mumble(she never speaks anything of significance, she mumbles it). Her fingers are bound tightly so that she may not flex them rigourously and reach for the keyboard that hangs temptingly over her head. Her feet are taped together so she may not attempt to use the pen and paper that lie on the floor, two inches away from her right toe.(The diva is primarily right handed but likes to think of herself as being ambidextrous.)The diva's thoughts are racing. She then decides to give the excessive use of metaphors a rest and see what best she can do without the use of double meanings, oxymorons and euphemisms.

In this paragraph, the reader finds the diva relaxed after the she has renounced literary abuse for the rest of the entry. The diva is compelled to use 'pictures' instead of words in order to gain sympathy. The anonymity is unfortunate but necessary. The diva does not want to get 'dooecd' on account of her blog. (Divas need money and a job to sustain themselves!) The diva is simply known as 'El-Diva'. She is represented by the unicode characters she types onto the screen. Even if she chooses to have an opinion, she would rather be vain than post it on her blog. However she might write a whimsical set of jumbled words and hope that her readers get all sides of the 'unfair' coin.

Till the next entry, keep it down. You might just miss the point.

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