Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Muse for the Unemployed

Unemployment isn't a curse, it's my current situation. I don't even get paid to write a blog!(Irrespective of the multitude that don't read it and irrespective of it being susceptible to copyright and copyleft infringement.) For those living in nations a tad more affluent than the third world (diplomatically read as the developing world), the prospect of child labour might seem appaling. The sheer apathy of a nation of a billion to such an abject debaucle must seem unimaginable. Yet for some of us living to see such a spectacle it really isn't.
The Indian constitution has stated very clearly that employment of children below the age of 14 is illegal. The government actually woke up to the tidings of its conscience (I didn't know it had one) and decided to implement it. There are informercials flying all over the news media. People who hire children will be imprisoned for a year. Yes, all this in a country where one-time hitmen walk free and serial killers run for office!
Besides, for many of these children who work, it is their sole livelihood. If they don't take home something of a wage, they risk being mortally wounded by the people they call their parents. Not all of them are lucky enough to have empowerment knocking on their door. Most of them cannot afford an education; education is only fictitous luxury. The kind that one gets to see on TV (the same parents that make them work give higher priority to a flat screen TV than they do to education). Apparently legislators underestimate the logistics when they legislate! Besides, what the government provides in the name of education (and at the cost of the 2% education cess) can be summed up as follows: a crumbling one-room hut with one teacher and 300 kids between the ages of 6 and 15. I believe abysmal isn't the word!
I may be unemployed, but thankfully, I was never one of those kids. (I wonder, does the law make a loophole for child actors, models and reality show stars? Are they less susceptible to exploitation because the make more money?) I never really understood legislation, to me it always seemed like a waste of time.

ps: The diva is still out and the twin is still in.

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