Sunday, October 22, 2006

It Happens Only in India

I was outside this supermarket, the kind that give all kinds of stuff for free. Interestingly, humans aren't the only ones getting stuff for free. There was a troupe of rhesus monkeys (our blessed ancestors at the nicer end of the evolution chain) crossing the road. For a moment I was afraid that one of the little ones would be turned to pulp by the speeding traffic. Fortunately for the monkeys and bored spectators alike, there were no accidents. Like most supermarket chains this store sells fruit and vegetables; all the stuff that is too old to be stocked is dumped outside the shop in cartons. The troupe of apes wasted no time in rummaging through the contents of the cartons, there were a couple of minor spats but moments later, each monkey was gnawing on his/her favourite fruit/vegetable. They scaled the neighbouring walls, walking nimbly between the pieces of glass strewn on the walls (the pieces of glass are intended as a deterrent to monkeys, cats and thievs). Some of them climbed onto a high voltage transformer and a few of the bolder ones made their way into the store. The bewildered store employees stood seemingly oblivious to the impending danger. Some of the employees made half hearted attempts to chase them away; the monkeys obliged (they seemed a little tired of their descendants, the ones that snatch their habitat from them).

To quote Shakespeare 'All's well that ends well', at least the monkeys got a treat! As for the folks that work at the store; they don't have to worry about karma points for a long time.


John said...

Moral of the story, be a monkey get free food.

El Diva! said...