Sunday, October 01, 2006

If Oscar Lived in Our Time

Allow me this one indulgence. It has often been suggested that Oscar Wilde was ahead of his time. His outrageous unconventionality, his homosexuality and other similar exploits made him nothing short of the 19th century equivalent of a gossip column headliner. What if he lived in the 21st century, here's my take.

I brought up this topic on a discussion board in Orkut. The majority said that he would have married 'Bosie' his lover. Yes, I think he would have, and they would have divorced even sooner, given the generation gap. 'All art is quite useless' ,he once said. Since this is the 21st century, he would have said, 'all existence is quite useless'. (Sadly, that's what art is now reduced to, existence!) He would have been a whimsical, chain smoking, 'controversial', and narrowly misanthropic writer ; with a column in a leading newspaper, a public and rather capricious blog and several anonymous ones. He would be quite a regular at places like Studio54 and at the sidelines of the gay pride parade.

I can only imagine him smoking illegally smuggled cuban cigars with the same panache with which he would parody members of the G8. He would sue the compilers of popular dictionaries because he groused their definitions of 'aesthete' and 'renaissance'. He would probably not have a distinct political ideology, and would politely decline the Nobel Prize for literature. He would live in New York city and write scripts for films and plays. A regular at the 'Oscars', he would win after being nominated several times, and commend the voting members of the academy for their astute judgement(all pun intended). He would make it to either one of Mr. Blackwell's lists (I can't tell if it will be the best or the worst dressed, Mr. Blackwell has a tendency to have favourites on both lists except that they keep fluctuating from one list to the other.)

At the end of it all, he would be an entertainer. Not the type that needs a 'Page-3' profile, or the type that makes appearances on 'Oprah' (that would be sheer entertainment though) , but simply the type that observes the paparazzi and writes to incur their wrath. 'We are all in the gutter but some of us our looking at the stars' , he would say, unflinchingly, as he did more than a century ago.

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