Friday, October 13, 2006

For the Love of Chaos

Ever felt at peace with the clanging sound throbbing against your head? The music fades away to senseless, monotonous pandemonium. You risk going deaf, but you only live this life once despite having just a single pair of ears. You decide to allow a few more minutes of this mayhem and then you decide to surrender. Inspiration suddenly seems more important than preserving sanctity or sanity. Rationalization flies into dead oblivion as you are born again; in the same body, but with a different mind.

They called rock 'the music of the devil', little realizing that all humans are inherently Satanic as they are divine. The same people that loved wars, manipulation and all that jazz! Maybe they were right; but in being right they neglected their deep yearning for chaos. The kind that appears to be premeditated and synchronized and is still beyond control. The love for chaos is a necessity. Without chaos, we tend to undermine the need for its less-conceited better half - peace. Yet chaos remains the evil twin, the neglected sheep(I have issues with the term 'black sheep'), like Cain, the cursed one. Again, Cain existed so that Able would be favoured.

I don't love chaos. I merely respect it.

ps: The diva is currently on vacation. Whenever that happens the diva's semi-misanthropic twin takes over.

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