Monday, October 16, 2006

The Diva Returns

After a small hiatus away from this blog and my regular state of mind in general, I'm back. My apologies to the subset of readers who felt offended by the antics of my unfortunate twin. I bring back tidings of beauty and culture that have been lacking in the entries made by my twin. (She had the nerve to misconstrue that she and I are actaully different.)
I have been searching for new forms of art; surreal, regular and irregular. I still haven't found a piece that speaks for itself without unnecessary elucidation from the artist. I am still to find art, both literary and graphic, that speaks of its own possibilites without further human intervention. As for culture; I don't think it is possible for human beings to swear allegiance to one single culture. It never was, but statements like the previous one would be regarded as blasphemous apostacy in the past.(I'm not as regressive as I make myself out to be.)
I will try to add a couple of lines here and there about bizzare cultural practices that I wish to experiment with. Along with new art movements that don't seem to gain any impetus in this century.
Instant gratification, hence instant art? Who knows! A movement exists in thought, it merely needs fruition. Hold on to that thought till the next entry. Au Revoir!

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