Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Brush that Needs no Paint

Keeping with the recurring theme of 'arty' posts that have flooded this blog for the last two months, I thought I'd experiment with this one. A brush with no paint is a lot like an individual who draws pictures in the air. These pictures are only visible to the 'artist', the others can only follow the movement of his/her intangible 'brush'. The same can be attributed to a process of thought. An idea arises out of what seems like nowhere. It only takes shape when put into practise. However, can an abstract idea really take shape? Like the artist who paints in the air given the lack of a suitable medium of expression, the proponent of an abstract idea is also hindered by the lack of resources that he/she might need to give it suitable form. Still, it is unfair to dismiss an idea because it can't take shape given the present set of circumstances. Besides, an idea that seems overwhelming, can be dissected and can be executed without the fragmentation of its purpose. Therefore a great idea is a lot like a brush that needs no paint, it can create art as long as it is understood.

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