Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ad Sense

I've been toying with the idea of allowing advertisements on this blog. Blogger claims that I might be able to make a few extra bucks(Pieces of paper with pictures of dead heads of state. In India they come with a picture of Mahatma Gandhi.) if I upgrade to adsense. I read blogger's minimized thesis on ad-sense. The navigational glitches are turning out to be a serious deterrent to making this blog spam-full (as opposed to spam-free). I am also disturbed at the prospect of receiving 'sponsor communication' in my gmail account (an alias for internet snail mail). Blogger has gone to great lengths to woo skeptics such as 'Yours Truly'. Apparently, they're not as autocratic as I had imagined. I can blend the ads with my template, I can make them appear in the sidebar(with the help of my new friend HTML version 4.01). Still,as a diva I'm a tad offended by the conjunction of the words 'Ad' and 'Sense' into one word 'Ad-Sense'. Are they trying to hint that a blog devoid of ads is simultaneously devoid of sense? I can't help but wonder....

ps: I'm still reeling from the aftermath of having added the 'Creative Commons License'(I guess it's like having a GPL for one's blog) and the 'Hits Counter' to my sidebar.


John said...

You could say Adsense translates to Sensible Ads.. acc. to Google though.

Although, i'm yet come across a personal blog that has truly been able to give enough clicks that convert to cash.

El Diva! said...

True! I guess it's because personal blogs weren't created with the intention of encouraging spammers .