Saturday, September 09, 2006

The World Outside the Blog

Keeping with the spirit of saying more through pictures instead of words, I will give you a peek into what lies outside my window. I sit cooped up in an intimate little room with windows on both sides. When my eyes don't feast on the words that come flying out of minute keystrokes, they look outside to check if the world still looks the same. It all depends on what I choose to see. The window on my right has nothing worth looking at except for the sun caressed leaves of coconut trees. The view on the left is more inviting though. When I'm at my lethargic best, I just have to raise my head for the view of the apartment building up front. It looks like almost any typical apartment building in India, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, with clothes hanging on lines and doors closed. The building is fairly new but almost dilapidated in appearance. Still, there is a charm that comes from wondering what it is like to live someone else's life for a day. I find myself spending precious time looking out and trying to figure out the inhabitants of that building.

If I take a little more trouble to actually walk over to the window and gaze down, I can see my mother's garden. It is in all fairness a labour of love. The plants are an interesting assortment of tropical specimens and hybrids. They were mostly picked up at flower shows, some others at parks and the hybrids came in packets. The hues look richer and more vivid after the rain. It's almost as though they are reincarnated.

The world that maketh the blog is as minscule as the one outside my window. It sits still as a microcosm, unaltered , unflinching and untouched. Somewhere in the distance, I can hear music playing. If I am fortunate I might evesdrop on the strains of a neigbourly spat. The world that is the microcosm of my blog, stands still as it has all this time. I am still waiting for it to move....

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