Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What Will Become of This?

Yesterday I came across an 'award winning blog' , apparently it gets 3000 hits each day, the blogger was fired from work and even made a T.V. appearance about it. The blog was impressive. She makes the most trivial and banal issues sound like a page out of a coffee table book titled 'The Good Life'.
I look through my profile on blogger and I see a meagre 154 profile views to date! Forget the numbers for now. A blog that gets a whopping total of 154 profile views since the day of its conception will probably not be sorely missed following its demise. Yes, it is the hard hitting truth. The world won't change if a blog closes down, and I have to accept that truth now. Still there is an undeniable streak of narcissism that won't allow me to delete this blog (it will remain on the server for the CIA to read even if I don't intentionally target bored CIA employees). 'How can you delete your blog?' The words keep ringing in my head each time I contemplate deleting one of them . Maybe I am a young, attention seeking, naivette with a misplaced alter ego but I can't get myself to touch the delete button. I simply can't do it! I can give the blog a slow death and allow blogger to get rid of it without considerable fanfare, but I can't bring myself to exterminate anything right now!
So, what becomes of all this? I think I knew the answer all along, I just wanted to fill up some of that empty space on the blog.

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