Friday, September 01, 2006

What Maketh A Blog?

What makes a great blog? (I have been thinking about this a great deal irrespective of my mother's remarks on bloggers and their existential needs.) I have been doing a lot of reading. I have been skimming the internet to find what I would call a blog with real class.
I wish I could ignore the aspect of presentation. (Never judge a blog by it's presentation?) Nevertheless, blogs lacking presentation can be painful to read. I look for blogs that have are articulate and witty. On the other hand, a brilliant photographic blog wouldn't need verbosity would it? I love blogs that are either utterly veracious or those that are connivingly deceptive. (I still haven't found one of the latter type.)
To me, a great blog is one that holds the reader in conversation with the person behind the bits and nibbles strewn across the screen, coming together to make sense.It doesn't necessarily have to make it to the list of bloggers 'blogs of note'. All that really matters is intent.

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