Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Moon Woman

Another exhibit for the shrine of the abstract. This one is by Jackson Pollock. I became interested in Pollock's work after I saw the biopic titled 'Pollock' starring Ed Harris and Marcia Gay Harden. Ed Harris held his own throughout the entire film, and he wasn't upstaged by the larger than life character of the artist.

I was quite taken by the lack of convention in Pollock's approach to art. Especially the fact that he rarely kept the canvas upright. He prefered to keep it on the floor. After some time, he stopped using brushes and started pouring paint all over the canvas. He never seemed to start with a particular subject in mind. Towards the end, the work would look like a tormented mess of colour and shapes that seemed to lack meaning. Yet, paradoxically, his work speaks of the silent subconscious and has some kind of pattern that eventually lends it structure.

The picture I've put here, appears less torrential than the other works. It's called 'The Moon Woman'. It is said that Pollock was influenced by native American art and that this piece symbolizes the sacred feminine. I've always wondered if art imitates life or if it's the other way round. For Pollock, art came from within, from the life he wasn't aware of. I'm still amazed! What if all the people of the world painted with their eyes closed? Morbid things would come to life, I suppose.

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