Saturday, September 23, 2006

Life in the 'Developing' World

I live in India, the only place of such paradoxical existence. I do not have the heart to call my existence 'third world' even though for most of the demographic, life in India is 'third world' .

For instance, most Indians don't know the concept of social security. We simply don't have it! At the same time, we have affordable domestic help. Apparently India was ranked 7th in the list of the world's most corrupt nations , yet we take pride in referring to ourselves as 'virtuous human beings living by Gandhian principles'. We claim that racism doesn't exist, but we want our spouses to be 'fair and gorgeous' (there is now a fairness cream for men as well). We are truly democratic; every rule can be twisted, perverted, broken and elongated to suit the peeves of more than a billion individuals. It makes one wonder what such contradiction exacts from the human spirit.

Nothing apparently! It only blesses us with a sense of humour and one hell of an immune system. Where else, on this earth, can one annoy his/her neighbours with his/her sheer presence and still be dead on record? Only in the developing world. It's better than 'the simple life' !

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