Sunday, September 10, 2006

Le Apologie

The title may be in French, but the rest of the blog is still in English . I admit that despite being 'well known' for my patience, prudence and a whole lot of other things, I don't have the time to actually edit my blog entries. I make each entry hurriedly, without looking at the keys. I merely watch the screen to check if what I'm thinking is the same as what goes up there. I am only human; therefore I am prone to error. The perceptive reader shall find numerous typos, grammatical flaws and several instances of apostrophe abuse in the blog. The errors are neither intentional nor an outcome of ignorance. English is my first language and I mostly think, write and converse in English. So, if you are a teacher of English grammar, please forgive the minor(and not so minor) bloopers in my blog. The inconvenience is deeply regretted.

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Shamit said...

Nice blog Bunu, you write quite well and as for typos, it always happens; requires some rigour to avoid them. Also wrt one of your previous posts that I just read, you need not depend on the vagaries of Blogger TM, just publish through FTP onto your site or burn it onto a CD - simple !