Saturday, September 30, 2006

Divas and Enigmas

I've always admired the enigmatic, no matter how dark or imperfect . To be like the sphinx that speaks in obstruse tongues and belies all semblance of sanity is only a divine gift. The esoteric set of human beings that can safely be labelled 'enigmatic' also include divas. My favourite among them is Garbo(Greta Garbo, the classic actress).
Contrary to popular belief, Garbo never said 'I wont to be alone'. She said, 'I want to be left alone'. The engimatic shield attributed words to the core! Unlike other actresses of the silent era, Garbo's craft was bereft of the histronics that were the norm of the day. She spoke of epic suffering with a single frown and quiet suspicion with the raise of an eyebrow. Ironically, the enigma spilled over to the screen and mingled, almost freely, with the character. The enigma lives on beyond her death. She may have left behind letters, and possibly an unpublished autobiography, but the world still doesn't know who she is.
Another favourite enigma that I cannot get over is the one who said, "When I retire I shall miss the green of the field". I leave it to my readers to figure out whom I'm referring to. I don't think the enigmatic don't choose to be 'mysterious'. The mystery is simply attributed, sometimes in the most mythical sense, by those around them. El Diva here, would love to be an enigma for selfish reasons, but that's another story left to the confines of a future entry.

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