Thursday, August 03, 2006


In a half hearted effort to make this blog sound less pessimistic,retrospective, cynical, deluded, utopian (and a whole lot of other unnecessary adjectives), I thought I'd bring in some humour. My attempts at humour generally prove to be redundant. I find something new in the same old things. Videos on seem to be my latest fetish. I use the word 'fetish' because I can't seem to start my day without watching a few.
So speaking of redundancy, it happens to be my favourite occupational hazzard (writer's block being my favourite form of comic relief). I'm a little tired of orkut. I've decided to replace the substance of that addiction with youtube. I used to think I'd gain some semblance of maturity once I turned 20. Apparently I was shrouded in denial. I'm as juvenile as I was at 12. Time doesn't necessarily alter things, redundancy will never cease. I guess it helps us differentiate between what's commonplace and what's unparalleled.
I think the only person more bored than the one reading this is the one writing this. So I will spare all of us the agony and stop right here.

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