Sunday, July 30, 2006


All people are equal in darkness. The hues merge, the colours get concealed, and they have nothing left but themselves. Their eyes are expressionless, and their form invisible. What floats on thin air is only character or it's lack thereof. People that are united in darkness are simply linked by the threads that bind them. There is no more to a person than character. The rest only exists to make character seem tangible. Why didn't I think of this before?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Departure from the Usual: The World Needs a New Obsession

When the average person turns on the news, they get to see disturbing pictures of the trouble in Lebanon. There are people homeless, displaced, clueless and trying to escape so that they can save whatever sanity they have. Another event still continues to compete for air time. 'Head butting'! Just when I start to think that the world is sick and tired of it,I am proved wrong. An English jockey headbutted his poor horse on the nose. I saw the footage on one of the news channels. The guy was riding this horse that seemed to have a mind of its own. He then gets down disgustedly, looks the animal in the face and butts it's nose with his helmet protected head! The poor animal just stared back in bewilderment. I find it a little difficult to buy the possibility of the horse having insulted the rider!
A small French recording company has come out with a song called 'Le Coup de Boule' (The headbutt ). One nice blogger has posted the French lyrics along with her translation of the lyrics to English, right here : . The video( or rather a whole collection of 'Coup de Boule' videos can be viewed at the undisputedly popular ). An Irish travel company has come up with a slogan ,'Use your head like Zidane'.
Clearly, the world needs a new obsession! For a while George W. Bush giving the German Chancellor a condescending back massage took some of the attention away from 'le coup de boule'. On the Indian front we have stories of 'Moles in the Prime Minister's Office', 'Let Men in the Air Force' , 'The Office of Profit Bill' which the President refuses to sign and several others. Apparently 'le coup de boule' is still important enough to get air time even after FIFA announced it's decision on the matter, and Zidane and Materrazzi are on holiday with their respective families.
So what do we obsess about now? Do we need to introspect and obsess with ourselves? I'd rather not, it can make one self-delusional ! It's quite apparent that the universe is urging us, almost begging us, to move on with our lives and find something purposeful to do. I can imagine the sculpture of 'The Thinker'(located, very aptly, in France) shaking his head dismally. I can also hear William Shakespear shouting from his grave, 'What fools these mortals be'

Saturday, July 22, 2006

When Public Opinion is Right!

It looks like our government finally succumbed to public outrage on the blockin of blogs. Now, the blog can be accessed through the regular link. No more attempts at furtive routing methods. At least some people in this country have the guts to think!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Censored and Still Blogging!

I don't know how many of you in India will get to see this entry, but I hope that by now you too have found a stealthy way to access your pet peeve. For the information of those not in India, the government has decided to curb the freedom of expression by 'blacking out a few popular blogsites like blogspot'. Their reasons are incomprhensible to the average habitual blogger such as your's truly. I call this a half hearted effort at blocking! Several popular blogsites are still up and running. In fact you can still access my blogs at livejournal and msn spaces. I thought I would lose this blog forever, but now I've found a way.(Thanks to the news channels.)
Of course, I believe this phase will pass.Especially after bloggers start to take legal action and after the government forgets why it blocked blogs in the first place. As they said on the news, sooner or later, ignorant, technologically challenged politicians and public servants will start blogging. It's only a matter of time.

I don't need censorship, I don't need to be goaded with a stick. I blog because it is my right. No one owns the internet!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Alive and Not Numb

I think the perils of the education system had adverse effects on my otherwise 'childlike-pink-loving' psyche. Now, I'm not 'Comfortably Numb' anymore. I'm alive, and a human being with feeling and with real blood running in my veins.(For a moment I wondered what had been going through my veins when I made some of my previous entries.) Someone in Orkut asked me ,"Are you never happy?" Well, my answer to that, I am generally happy, but my life would be incomplete if I were happy all the time. I don't know what brought about the surge of blood throughout my being, but for the time being, things remain as they are. Cheers!