Monday, May 15, 2006

Why We Will Never go to Hell

To start with, we are already in hell. The debauchery and the antagonism will not make up for all the fire in Dante's 'Inferno'.
Secondly, hell is a state of mind. A mind that is tormented has a permanent one way ticket to hell. Irrespective of the amount of religious and non-religious doctrine that he/she may have imbibed in this life and previous ones.
Thirdly,we love to attribute undefined characteristics to ourselves. Like, 'the ability to stay in a place like hell and still have a good time'.
Fourthly,we will bring hell upon ourselves no matter what we try to do.

So since hell is already here, where is the question of going to hell?


baddi_maga said...

You spoke my mind :)

baddi_maga said...

read Sartre's "No Exit"...if you havent already...